balancethecomposure said: This is going to sound slightly creepy but I saw you at the basement Philly show and you were goin sO hard I give you props for that. Also diggin your hair!!

thank u!! I travelled long and far to see that show so of course I went as hard as I could! it’s cool to see all tees followers and mutual followers messaging me that they saw me!
you all should’ve said hey!

the best part about PA is driving thru it in the early morning and seeing low fod covering all the little hills and fields and weird little white house suburbs

I loved philly bc I knew absolutely no one! I got to meet so many people and new friends and ya! it’s boring seeing the same people at every show over and over

wa-bi-sabi said: I saw you at the basement show in philly! lol, I noticed from your pictures and hair color.

my hair is the best. there was another dude with blue hair but he wasn’t nearly as cool as me so whatever ~

yo wussup |-) let’s b friends

magpiefaults said: I saw you crowd surfing and stage diving a lot at Basement last night :)

I am the king of stage dives reigning from the iced out Toronto, ON

also hi!


Basement l Photo: Ally Newbold