Sasha Grey at Electric Colors Festival in Mexico

andy denzler

andy denzler
Anonymous: Doofus?! We aren't in third grade, dingus!

I’m gonna block yr ip from my blog unless you tell me who ya are

Anonymous: How could you possibly know that?! Other than the fact that I just confirmed it with this reply.

just stop being a doofus and reveal yrself :(

Anonymous: YO. That picture of you with in your grey t-shirt half way up, in yo undies has got me feeling a little hot and bothered. Okay, a little more than just a little hot and bothered.

who are you? you’re the same person who sent me the asks yesterday. ur from toronto too :~(


be my friend and send me a message! I don’t know half of my followers!!!! cmon!!! don’t b shy!!


Middle of Nevada on the 50, “the loneliest road in America” / September 2014