autumonster asked: Happy belated birthday! So glad it was spectacular :)

thank u so much!! i love when anyone wishes me a happy bday thanx!

vvitchery asked: Happy (sorta late) birthday!

thanks homie!!! love u!


chumbukkit has changed my life weaow

sleepy and happy

copgraveyards asked: Happy birthday! It's still the 16th here. Also it's awesome that u had a great day!!!

thank u thank u i love you!

today was probably the best day ever! thanks if u were apart of it! i love u

i turned 20 on the 16th and i had nachos with my best buds, went to greatest generation tour, kissed brendan, kissed cheeks, kinda cried, realized im finally at a point in my life where i feel happy and jumped around to the wonder years

i just had the best birthday of my life and turning 20 doesn’t seem so bad now

i look like an idiot @modernbaseball

waste yrself

renoir at musee de l’orangerie